Wotofo Recurve RDA

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The Wotofo Recurve RDA is a recent collaboration between Wotofo and the well-known YouTube reviewer Mike Vapes. This single coil RDA gets its name from its overall shape, which is a total innovation compared to the existing straight sleeve design on all RDAs available now. The sleeve of this RDA curves like a recurve bow implying energy and efficiency. It is 24mm in diameter and features side & bottom airflow hitting on postless coil installations to give a sensational flavor burst that been tried and tested. Each flavor in your juice can be tasted in a strong and rich way. With a relatively small vaporization chamber and an improved airflow design, this RDA reached a higher level in flavor production.

With an Innovative Industrial Design The Recurve RDA is short with a narrowed middle to form a classic curve. The curve doesn’t end at the sleeve part, it extends to the drip tip design. The 810 resin drip tip is also molded into a curve shape that fits just perfectly between your lips when you inhale.


  •   Diameter: 24mm
  •   Height: 35mm
  •   Net Weight: 45g
  • Screw Dimensions
  •       Thread Length: 4.2mm
  •        Thread Diameter: 2.5mm
  •        Overall Length: 5.4mm
  • Compwire coil specs:
  •        0.24±0.05Ω
  •        0.3*4+0.08 nichrome
  •        5 wraps – 3.0±0.1mm I.D
  • 24mm diameter
  •  Side & bottom airflow
  •  Postless coil installations
  • Improved airflow design
  • 810 resin drip tip

Kit Contents:

  • 1x Wotofo Recurve RDA
  • 1x Spare 810 Drip Tip
  • 1x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Compwire Coils
  • 1x Japanese Cotton
  • 1x Extra Screws & Orings