nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank Ni80 Replacement Coil

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Wotofo recently introduced nexMesh sub-ohm tank conical replacement coil for the customers. It is the first conically designed mesh coil that storms the vaping industry completely. The ultimate design of nexMESH sub-ohm tank delivers a top-notch flavor and vapor with the help of these conical nexMesh sub ohm tank replacement coils.

 Conical Replacement Coils (2 Pieces) for nexMESH Sub OHM Tank

There are now three different kinds of nexMESH Conical Coils to use as a spare replacement. Designed in California, we have one coil that is made out of A1 Kanthal, one made out of SS316L (Stainless Steel), and another one made out of Ni80.  When it comes to wattage mode, we suggest running your mod at 75W-80W for the A1 coil 55W-75W for the stainless steel, or 70W-85W for Ni80. It is possible to use the SS316L coil without temperature control, however we do suggest hitting the 350°F - 540°F (180°C to 280°C) range.

Mesh coil has taken flavor production to the next level. As mentioned above nexMesh sub-ohm tank conical replacement coil comes in three variants such as Ni80, A1 Kanthal and SS316L stainless-steel. All the coils are conical with a slightly wider bottom section. It looks more like an upside-down funnel. In other words, it resembles a cone.

Such a unique design allows a faster ramp-up time and improved airflow, which eventually provides a top-notch flavor. The air hits the bottom and gets condensed when it moves upwards inside the coil. The vapor flows out through the narrow chimney, offering a smooth vapor and flavorful hit. The coil has a two-layered twin absorption wicking allowing better soaking and lowering the chances of dry hits. The organic cotton used in the coil offers a better flavor and vapor output.

The standard nexMesh A1 kanthal coil delivers a warm and flavorful vapor. The bottom-up airflow and energy together maximize the flavor and vapor generation. It is a little thick wire coming with a resistance of 0.2-ohm. It delivers the best flavor in the range between 75-85W.

The second one is the nexMESH SS316L stainless-steel variant. It is perfect for vapers looking for a soothing vaping experience. These conical coils also provide the same bottom-up airflow. Vapers can use these coils with and without the temperature control settings. It keeps giving top-notch flavor and vapor output even at 180°C to 280°C (350°F to 540°F). Additionally, it also has an effective wattage range of 55-75W.

Not happy with even a little trace of impurities in your vape? The third option, nexMESH Ni80 Conical Mesh Coil, is here to level up your vape experience. Giving much clearer sensations, nexMESH Ni80 is able to perform terrific flavor delivery to make the vapor taste, smell, and texture fully perceived in a purer way. Besides excellent flavor profiling, there’s more to expect: faster heating, improved gunk resistance, increased lifespan, and of course the innovative conical mesh coiling technology. 0.15ohm in resistance, rated at 55W-85W, best at 70W-85W, it’s just another cloud beast in the nexMESH Conical Coil Family.

The thread-less insertion allows a convenient switching of coils. Overall, these nexMesh coils intensify the burst of flavor and denser vapor plumes.

What makes the nexMesh sub-ohm tank coil an inseparable companion of vapers?

Innovative conical mesh design

Mesh coils intensify the flavor aspect of vaping. Now the innovative conical shape of NexMesh Sub Ohm Tank Conical Coil takes the flavor aspect to the next level. The conical shape offers bottom-up airflow and condenses the vapor. Further, a narrow chimney concentrates the vapor for a smooth and flavorful vaping experience.

Top-notch flavor quality

Flavor is an important aspect of a pleasant vaping experience. Vapers hardly compromise flavor for anything. The unique cone shape design of NexMesh Sub Ohm Tank Conical Coil allows vapers to get a concentrated, soothing, and flavorful vape. The cone shape intensifies both flavor and vapor.

Dual layer Cotton Wicking

Proper wicking plays an important role in the flavor and vapor production. nexMESH conical coils provide a dual layer organic cotton wick that intensifies the flavor quality and stay wet for long. Thus, this genius dual layer wick helps to reduce the chances of dry hits.

Product Specifications:

nexMESH A1

  • 0.2 ohm
  • 75W to 85W
  • Kanthal A1
  • Organic Cotton