Muscle Cotton

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  • The authentic Demon Killer Muscle cotton uses a proprietary purifying process at their states of the art GMP certified facility that removes all impurities, natural oils, and pesticides to ensure that the wick is 100% tasteless. This gives the cloud chaser the purest taste without any unwanted flavor and with no break-in period needed. The Muscle cotton also absorbs and holds e-juice better that other-ecig wicks, keeping your coils juiced so you can go for longer durations.

Net weight: 0.35 oz (10g);
Cotton wicking material;
No building accessories;
Organic Cotton fiber;
100% Tasteless Cotton Wick;
Suitable for RBA / RDA / RDTA;
Large Fibers for low-ohm builds;
No Chemicals, Pesticides, or Bleach